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Why invest in professional recruiters?


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This is an easy place to cut costs, right? How hard can it be to write and place an advert, run through the CV’s, interview a few people and find someone you like? Many of you think its easy and it is shocking what professional recruitment company’s charge for a few hours work. We have had employees think the same thing when they first start with us, but after a few months they see the amount of work that goes into finding the person who is an accurate fit for a business.

For many small to medium business owners, doing their own recruitments seems like a sensible option, however perhaps this can turn out to be a false economy. How many of you have found that appointing right person, isn’t as easy as it might first appear. 

Actually, when the process of recruiting someone is done well, the job is much more complex. It involves a knowledge of the client and the candidate that is not discovered just through a quick phone call, CV or interview. We often say to our clients that we can put three candidates in front of you, all who have the required technical/formal skills and qualifications. Based on this they could all do the job, yet all three may fail badly and not succeed within your business.

Identifying key people for an organisation goes way beyond these standard qualifiers. Consideration must be given to those candidates who may have transferable skills, behavioural attitudes and proven team work that sets aside narcissistic tendencies. This takes a degree of skill that most business owners would not generally have.  

The work, professional recruiters do takes time; job ads are not just words put together, CV's should not just glanced over, and candidates should be interviewed several times looking for specific indicators of who they really are.

Good recruitment agencies pay for themselves sooner rather than later. Think of the costs through constant recruiting to replace staff that do not work out, who cause issues once their 90 day trial ends, and the cost associated with paying for legal defence where staff raise greievences after being terminated.  This can all add up to a budget blow-out very quickly.

Professional Recruitment companies may also guarantee to their work as well, so if it doesn’t work out under certain conditions, they will replace someone for you without further cost.

Going in to the next farming season, if you are looking to place someone on your farm, please contact us to discuss your recruitment needs.