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Fegan & Co have joined forces with Rimfire Resources to distribute the Agribusiness Salary and Farming Review and the Agribusiness HR Review, originally launched in New Zealand in 2006.

This survey provides tangible data to guide decision-making regarding salaries and benefits, and best of all, at an affordable price. The survey not only compares roles in Agribusinesses servicing the rural sector, but also roles on-farm. Given Fegan & Co's strong links with on-farm businesses throughout New Zealand, the combination of data from both on-farm and agribusiness companies ensures the survey will continue to provide accurate and robust information that is sector-specific. 

The Agribusiness Salary Review

This is a salary survey where companies contribute information about the salaries and benefits they pay their employees in all the different roles across their business. In return, they receive their own data back plus the data of all the other businesses already in the survey to benchmark against. All individual data is used in aggregate form in order to maintain absolute confidentiality of all parties.

Click here to view a sample of the Agribusiness Salary Review Report.

The Farming Salary Review

Is similar to the Agribusiness Salary Review but is specifically designed for NZ farmers. This review gives accurate and robust information on current market rates of remuneration and benefits (such as accommodation).

What makes this review significantly different to any others we have seen is that the information supplied to us is "assessed" and allocated to the appropriate "job title" based on the responsibility of the role.  No other survey does this.  The result of us "job mapping" is that the output is far more accurate, which is exactly what you need!

Click here to view a sample of the Farming Salary Review Report.

Agribusiness HR Review

The HR Review is different to the Salary Review and is Agribusiness specific.  It is an annual survey of HR Professionals and Business Leaders, providing insight and market knowledge regarding emerging trends, developments and data covering a range of HR practices, relevant specifically to the rural sector.

For more information talk to us on 07 823 0105 or email info "at" fegan.co.nz. 

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