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Fegan & Co specialise in recruitment and human resource management, focusing on the largest sector in this country, the rural sector.

We have been actively involved in the rural sector since 1997 and provide a wealth of experience and knowledge in this area. We recognise that our clients are unique and have individual needs - that's why we focus on tailoring our services to suit you.

Our focus is on matching employers and applicants to achieve a win-win situation, where the needs of both parties are being met. We achieve this by setting high standards for both our clients (employers) and our applicants.

When it comes to the rural sector we can do it all!

  •  NZ On-Farm Recruitment 
  •  NZ Agribusiness Recruitment 
  •  International On-Farm Recruitment 
  •  International Agribusiness Recruitment
  •  Human Resources consultancy for individuals and businesses

Although we specialise in the rural sector, this does not preclude clients from other sectors.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the services and products we offer, please feel free to contact us. Our people are always happy to help - 'that's what we do'.