Human Resources

The responsibility of caring for your staff is not only bestowed upon you by law, but also by the very tight labour market within New Zealand.

At Fegan & Co we realise the importance our clients need to place on looking after their staff, especially if they wish to attract the best people to their business.  We offer a range of HR services and training to aid them in doing this properly.

HR Consultancy

Our consultancy services can be used in a variety of ways, from Staff Management to Advice, whatever meets your needs.  This can include telephone support, one-to-one coaching or even an on-farm assessment of your needs.

  • General Advice
  • Performance Review Mentoring
  • Workplace Assessment
  • Tailored Recruitment Consultancy
  • The list goes on

We work with you to refine your skills to enable you to do things well for yourself in the future.

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We use industry information to supply you with accurate estimates of what a role or an employee is worth to your business, helping to ensure you remunerate them fairly.

  • Salary Benchmarking 
  • Role Benchmarking 
  • Agribusiness Salary Review
  • Farming Salary Review
  • Agribusiness HR Review

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Employment Templates

We offer expertise with development and maintenance of credible employment templates.

  • Annualised Hours Agreements
  • Position Descriptions 
  • Performance Review Template
  • Employment Agreements
  • Contract for Services

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We offer a full range of training services for both employers and employees. We will structure workshops to cater for the specific needs of your business in the areas of:

  • Staff Management 
  • Staff Recruitment

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