Agribusiness Recruitment

If you are looking for either experienced or graduate staff to work in your Agribusiness, Fegan & Co can help you source them.

We have been working with your customers for more than 10 years, which is why we understand what you need in an employee.

Experienced staff
Experienced Agribusiness staff are often hard to find. With our knowledge of both national and international labour pools, we are able to source quality Agribusiness employees from a variety of backgrounds, although our first choice will always be to go to the market to find the best available.

Why work with us?

  •  Our extensive involvement in rural recruitment both throughout New Zealand and internationally enables us to give advice that is relevant to current labour market conditions, taking into account the challenges that you as employers face recruiting staff. 
  • We provide an impartial and objective perspective. We are able to remain calm even when you may be feeling the pressure, thus the quality of the recruitment process is maintained with no knee-jerk reactions. We commit to being honest where we see potential risks or areas for improvement regarding your business's employment health. 
  • Our applicant database has over 14,500 applicants recorded (at last count in July 2011) and allows us to view any prior contact we have had with applicants. 
  • Your involvement in our process allows you to build on your skills so that you can have greater success if recruiting staff for yourself in the future. 
  • Our support doesn't just stop once a person is placed in a position. We welcome your calls if you seek further advice.

If you are interested in knowing more about our Agribusiness recruitment services, please phone us on 07 823 0105 or email info "at" Our recruitment consultants are happy to give you more information on our services.